Only in New England

12 12 2011

Here’s another shot that I got a couple of months ago – as summer was winding down. As you can probably tell, it was a typical sunny and warm August day. Despite the reality that I’m not a huge fan of scorching heat, of all the summer months, I’d have to say that August is my favorite. Although it’s warm during the day, the evenings are impeccably cool. Perfect for evening walks. With all of that said, I do love my winter months equally and I look forward to a lot of snow! Read the rest of this entry »


Autumn Foliage

11 12 2011

Here in New England, we’re known across the world for our beautiful Fall foliage. Every year I watch the leaves go from a bright green to a vivid yellow which, to many of us New Englanders, signifies the ending of summer and the beginning of the cold weather…and the snow of course. Here’s a shot I got just as the leaves began to turn colors. Read the rest of this entry »

I’m Back!

11 12 2011

So, needless to say, my 365 Day project failed miserably. My life just became a little too unpredictable for me to consistently take, edit and post a new photo every day. The hours at work became a bit too erratic. Now that I have more stability, I can continue practicing my photography. Read the rest of this entry »

365: Day 27 – A Bird’s Eye View of NYC

27 09 2011

Here’s another shot from NYC. I got this one from the second floor of the M&M store. I’ve always wanted to get a shot like this, and what better place to get it then NYC, right? I LOVE this city! Now, if I could only convince my fiancee to think like me… Read the rest of this entry »

365: Day 26 – Munchie Mania!

26 09 2011

I’ve still got a few shots from my trip to NYC that I’ve yet to edit. I know, I’m a slow worker. But that’s only when I’m not getting paid. 🙂 Read the rest of this entry »

365: Day 25 – It’s a Butterfly!

25 09 2011

Yesterday my little family and I took a trip to a butterfly conservatory located in South Deerfield, Ma. There were thousands of butterflies just flying around. As soon as we walked in, two butterflies landed on my head. Despite having a fun time with all of the butterflies, it was definitely far from a pleasant visit. The conservatory was too small, too crowded and too hot which means that most of my shots had strangers in the background. Not cool. On top of all of that, Ky wasn’t very fond of the flying caterpillars. She loved to see the butterflies flying around, but wasn’t too interested in having them land on her. Read the rest of this entry »

365: Day 24 – The Christmas Spirit

24 09 2011

I know, I know…it’s waaaaaaay too early to be thinking about Christmas. But I’m really looking forward to Christmas this year. Particularly because this is the first year that my daughter will truly get to enjoy it. Today we were at the Yankee Candle Store, which is located in Deerfield, Ma., and had a great time. Read the rest of this entry »