About Me

Hello World Wide Web. I am a rich white guy who lives on his own deserted island.

Okay, that’s not true. I’m Latino and I have less money than a homeless person. I redefined the term “broke.” However, one thing I do have is determination and a whole ‘lotta patience. Eventually I’ll find my niche.

The last few years of my life have been quite the ride. At the age of 24 I decided that I had to go back to college, and this time take it seriously. No more stopping at the liquor store on the way to class. In just four years, that’s right, eight semesters, I managed to obtain an Associate’s Degree from Holyoke Community College (class of ‘09) and my Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Massachusetts (class of ‘11). I put in a lot of work and worked my ass off in college. My final two semesters I made the Dean’s List.

In 2010, during the final semester of my junior year, my fiancée gave birth to our first daughter, Kylani A. Orbe (4/22/10); possibly the most life altering moment in my entire existence. The birth put a dent in our savings as well as our wedding plans. Needless to say, I wouldn’t have changed a thing.

According to my degree, I am a journalist. That entails many professions – photojournalists, sports reporters, travel writers, etc. – and I’m trying to make a career out of all of those. Ambition and determination will get me there.

I’ll see you at the top!


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