I’m Back!

11 12 2011

So, needless to say, my 365 Day project failed miserably. My life just became a little too unpredictable for me to consistently take, edit and post a new photo every day. The hours at work became a bit too erratic. Now that I have more stability, I can continue practicing my photography.

Now, don’t get it confused. I’m not saying that I’m going to: A) continue the 365 Day project or B) start a new 365 day project. No, no, no. I’d be setting myself up for failure again. Instead, I’ll post photos that I’ve taken at random intervals – maybe once every other day, maybe three times a day – so who knows. I promise, however, that there will not be more than a 1 day hiatus between posts.

Follow me on Twitter @jerryorbe. You’re guaranteed to read some funny tweets.

So, here’s a photo that I took a little while ago. Can you tell me what you’re looking at?

Nikon D3100 - f/5.3 - 1/3200 sec. - ISO 800 - 42 mm - No flash




4 responses

11 12 2011
2 Rivers Photos

365 projects are Monsterous… many people try them and fail… I couldn’t last 2 weeks 🙂

11 12 2011
Jerry Orbe

They definitely take a certain level of commitment. I’m proud that mines lasted as long as it did!

11 12 2011

Jerry–I have two more weeks to make the post-a-day (in my case photo-a-day) commitment. It’s been brutal sometimes trying to get out to take a photo–and in a small shore town I run out of topics. Glad that you are back. Next year I’m going for once a week!

Thanks for critiquing my photo of the birthday candles. Photography is all-consuming but fun, isn’t it?

11 12 2011
Jerry Orbe

Photography is indeed all-consuming! Good luck with your photo-a-day project. I’m looking forward to following your project!

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