365: Day 18 – Help the Needy!

18 09 2011

Yesterday was my soon-to-be wife’s (and her twin sister of course!) 25th birthday. We decided that we would go down to New York City for the day, and go sight seeing. Well, we didn’t see too many sights because once we got to Times Square, we were swallowed up by NYC’s atmosphere. Although the night ended on a sour note, I still enjoyed myself and wish my wife and sister-in-law many more happy birthdays!

There were hundreds of thousands of people, everywhere! I loved it because it gave me a great opportunity to get some great candids. And, of course, some of the amazing landscape made for some great photos. As I edit the photos, I will post them up.

At one point, while the ladies were inside of Planet Hollywood buying a couple of souvenirs, I stepped outside onto Broadway St. to soak in the city and everything it had to offer. That’s when I spotted this guy. I’m all for people fighting for what they believe in – and of course I’m always willing to support this cause, so I put a dollar in his cup!

Nikon D3100 - f/3.8 - 1/10 sec. - ISO 100 - 22mm - No Flash




One response

20 09 2011

I’ve seen so many different signs. I once saw once that said he needed money for beers and condoms. And he looked disgusting. Ahh.


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