365: Day 10 – Foundations

8 09 2011

So folks, we’ve reached day 10 of my 365 project. The weather today wasn’t much better. All of the rain that has fallen in Western Massachusetts has caused extensive damage to property. Rivers across the state are overflowing and streets are flooded.

However, I caught a break on my drive home from work. Although it was a little chilly and the skies were gray, the rain stopped briefly. Below is one of the photos I shot. I named it “Foundations” because this church dates back to 1637 – when we were still ruled by the British.

Nikon D3100 - f/14 - 1/15 sec. - ISO 100 - 18mm - No Flash

The thought that this building predates most of what we know as the United States is pretty cool. The march on the federal arsenal (the Springfeild Armory) during Shay’s Rebellion took place just a few blocks from where this church stands now.




4 responses

9 09 2011

Many churches in England were 500 years old this this was built, nice picture – thanks

9 09 2011
Jerry Orbe

Thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment! It’s much appreciated. I’ve never been to England. We’ve got to keep in mind that Europe is centuries old while the U.S. is only about 240 years old. With that said, I’m sure that England has some of the most beautiful and historic cathedrals and churches in the world. I would truly love to visit England one day.

20 09 2011

I took a similar picture of a similar building (without the clock) in Tallahassee, FL. Anything that’s not modern architecture is really interesting. I think that’s why I am dying to move to Virginia, Maryland or DC forever.


22 09 2011
Jerry Orbe

There is some great history in those three states.

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