Week 6: Street Photography

13 08 2011

I finally did it! I set my shyness aside and hit the street s. And I’ve got to tell you, it was some of the most fun I’ve had since I began my photography venture.

What I liked most about it was that you get to meet new people. Unlike most, I like to chitchat with strangers. It always reminds me of just how unique we are as individuals. Everyone has their own unique story to tell and I’d love to hear as many of them as possible. We can learn a lot from each other by simply lending an ear.

I was a little upset because this weekend is the NBA Hall of Fame induction ceremony here in Springfield, Ma. On one occasion I saw hall of famer Bill Walton walking around the downtown area, but unfortunately I was at a green light, with my car windows up and my camera in the bag. I was able to get a quick snapshot but it wasn’t even worth the space on my memory card.

Anyhow, here are this week’s photos. As always, I hope you enjoy them! Tune in next week!




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