Week 4: Cemeteries

31 07 2011

Sorry for the delay folks! This post should’ve gone up yesterday, but I bought a new camera and was distracted to the point of no return. I’m like a little kid with a new toy. We’ll see just how good the new camera is next week when I post up the next assignment.

Anyhow, for this week’s topic, I decided to do cemeteries. Unlike most living people, I have always been fascinated with cemeteries. Not that I welcome death (in that sense I’m like all other living beings), but the beautiful architecture that can be found in a cemetery is appealing to me. You can find everything from Gothic art (which in my opinion is some of the most beautiful art) to Victorian art.

Moreover, the artistic symbolism that is represented in cemeteries is just as attractive as the art itself. For the family members of the dead, the symbolism may mean sorrow, pain and heartache, but for an artist like me, we see beauty, art and talent.

Here are this week’s photos. As always, make sure to return in a few days and check out the midweek post. And don’t forget to return towards the end of the week to see what challenge I decide to take on next! See you then!




6 responses

31 07 2011

Excellent Photographs ! Quite Different !

1 08 2011

Great shots! I absolutely love doing photography in cemeteries too. The character of the head stones and textures you can find always make for wonderful photos.

3 08 2011

You did a fantastic job of capturing the beauty of a place that is filled with so many different emotions! Well done!

3 08 2011

I too love a nice old cemetery, you’ve got some really nice shots in there, keep up the good work!

4 08 2011

You have some very nice shot here. I especially like the three black and white photos. Not exactly sure why, maybe they just seem to fit the mood of a cemetery more. Keep shooting!

18 08 2011
Watching Seasons

Well-done photos!

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