Midweek Bonus: Nilka

27 07 2011

In an attempt to keep my readers/viewers engaged, I’ve decided that one post per week is simply not enough. I also can’t promise you that every week will contain multiple posts – maintaining a blog is time consuming and maybe I won’t have unlimited time some weeks. On most weeks, however, I’ll provide a midweek bonus to break up any monotony.

This midweek bonus is a modeling session I had with one of my best friends Nilka. She’s seeking to put together a modeling portfolio and I’m trying to put together a photography portfolio, so we figured we could help each other out. Now viewers, let’s keep in mind that not only am I fairly new to photography, but I’m also entirely new to model photography.

This session took place at a park near where I live. It’s a beautiful park with a lot of wildlife and gorgeous scenery. Anyhow, enjoy the pictures!

I’ll see you guys later this week when I post up my assignment!




2 responses

27 07 2011

Could have fooled me, you’re a natural!

28 07 2011
Toad Hollow Photography

Yep, some of these shots are actually really amazing! Great stuff here!

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