Midweek Bonus: Sicily

21 07 2011

Although these pictures have been posted on my Facebook page (which is public), it’s obvious that Jerry Orbe is far from a household name. For that reason, I thought I’d put these up on my blog for the rest of the world (the ones who have no clue who Jerry Orbe is) to view.

In March 2011, as part of a photojournalism/travel writing course offered at UMass-Amherst, a group of 30 jumped aboard a plane and hopped across the pond to Sicily. Most of the travelers were students from UMass and the University of Hartford. For 10 days we were adopted into Sicilian culture and lived the Italian life.

We ate and drank wine like a true Italian. We began our travels in the province of Palermo, in southern Sicily. From there we navigated the entire island, visiting Taormina, Mt. Etna, wineries, various cathedrals and ancient theaters, and a number of other fascinating places. Check out some of the photos from around the island.

Also, make sure to tune in later this week to see the photo assignment!




3 responses

23 07 2011

All pictures is great,,,

26 07 2011
Toad Hollow Photography

I really enjoyed this post! Looking forward to following your blog along here!

26 07 2011
Jerry Orbe

Thanks! I look forward to having readers! LoL.

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