Week 2: Bugs

16 07 2011

Hello everyone! Here are this week’s photos which I had a blast taking. With so many bugs surrounding us every day, I thought that this assignment would be a little too easy. Boy was I wrong. Especially with the flying insects!

I know what you’re thinking though: why bugs? I chose this theme because…well, because bugs are cooler than you or me. They come in so many different colors and reside in so many cool, and tiny, environments. Despite their reputation as nuisances, bugs are unique creatures who serve a very meaningful purpose in keeping our ecosystem running (except the meaningless mosquito of course).

Not only are these insects vital for the preservation of our environment, but they are usually willing to pose for a photo. You just have to figure out how to approach them.

Anyhow, here are this week’s photos. Again, if you have any suggestions for photo assignments, or if you have photos that you have taken and would like posted, shoot me a message and I’ll post your photo and/or consider your assignment suggestions.

Enjoy, thanks for looking and make sure to return next week to see what I have in store for you guys!!




3 responses

31 07 2011

These are really great. I have two questions:
1) What size lens did you use to take them?
2) Where did you take them?


31 07 2011
Jerry Orbe

Thanks for visiting my blog Dana! When I took these photos I was using a Sony A230 with the stock 18-55mm lens. Most of the photos were taken just outside my apartment or at the park across the street.

1 08 2011

Jerry, you should try to get closer to your subjects, like “in your face” sort of thing! What you have is a nice start for macro shots. keep it up!

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